Design Everywhere: Manhole Cover

Turn the Page, 10 maart 2011

In deze editie van Design Everywhere: putdeksels

De redactie van Turn The Page - het tijdschrift van Studievereniging i.d - analyseert in elke editie van het blad onder de noemer 'Design Everywhere' beelden uit de actualiteit op de aanwezigheid van onderbelichte ontwerpen. Items mag de rubriek op zijn website herpubliceren!
De bekende rioolputdeksels, ontworpen door O. Zimmerman, bijten de spits af:

Manhole cover, also known as ‘buddy’ or ‘berrie’. Cast iron variant embedded in concrete, designed by O. Zimmerman during the fifties. His company, perhaps somewhat awkwardly called TBS (Dutch: Technisch Bureau voor gietijzerproducten Soest) has been producing these covers since the 1930’s and can now be considered the market leader in manhole covers.
It takes about an hour and a half before the metal has cooled down enough to be removed from the mould, further cooling takes about a day. The cover needs this weight because it can be sucked out of the ground when a race car rides over it, as a result of the low pressure under the car.
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Foto: Job Jansweijer
Tekst: Bob Groeneveld

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