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Redactie Items, 23 april 2012

product pitch

NEXT NATURE calls upon designers, technologists and artists to translate current nanotech trends into speculative, yet visionary products that stimulate debate on our nano tech future. NEXT NATURE is seeking for well thought out and designed proposals that take technological, economical and political as well as societal trends in consideration: science faction rather than science fiction.

A selection of the entries will be presented in the Nano Supermarket and the accompanying publication. Entries are judged by an international jury of nanotech- and design experts upon originality, design quality, visual presentation, technological feasibility and the extend to which your design stimulates debate. The winning submission is awarded with a €2500 price.

You can submit your product in two different categories: as a photoshop model or as a physical model. A selection of the best photoshop models will be displayed in the catalogue and on the website. A selection of the best physical models will also be displayed in the physical super market. Submission deadline is 31 May 2012.

Your submission consists of:
1. A short product pitch.
2. A description of the technological feasability of your product; which principles allow your product to function, how and when do you expect it to be produced?
3. A reflection on the socio-cultural implications of your product; what are the promises and fears of the underlying technology and how do you expect your product will change everyday life?
4. A photograph and a technical description of your physical model, OR a photoshop model (depending on which category you want to submit).

Submission form and more info

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